Ombre Brows

Ombré powder Brows

Creates a soft powder make up look with clean edges. This procedure is ideal for those who have previous eyebrow tattoo, oily skin or those who cannot get hair strokes.  The pigment is deposited from the tail of the brows to the front with a gradual dark to light transition. A very soft and natural powdery technique done with a machine.   




This is the ultimate brow treatment for those who want the best of both worlds. Hair strokes are added to the head of the brows while the body and tail are shaded with a powder brow finish. Creates a soft powder make-up look with fluffiness in the front.


Coverup & Correction

Coverup &  Correction

This procedure is for those with any previous eyebrow tattoo/microblading work done by another artist. You must send us a photo of your bare brows before booking this procedure. Correction brows will be taken case by case based on the shape and color of your current brows.



Touch up

Up to 6 Months




6 months – a year




1 year – 2 years




Over 2 years

After 2 years it will be considered a new service. Pigmentation may fade significantly two years after the initial appointment therefore pricing is considered a new initial appointment.

$75 discount will be applied for all existing clients